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  • Thank you so much for this early graduation gift. I’ll learn to play this!! #pinkypromise #ukulele

  • It looks like he’s wearing silky stocking. Lol @nelsonchenn

  • 20 fact about me

    1. I prefer to be called beby, though it has another meaning or sometime I miss heard when a couple calling their partners. I love to be loved :D
    2. No one loves me more than Him. His present, love, and grace chance my life especially this year. There are many things that happen, it would be too much to tell and describe. My thumbs are tired.
    3. I have big dreams, and lots of dream that sometimes confused me to make it comes true, was it to big, or I’m just playing safe in my zone now.
    4. We know the myth of women being better at multitasking. I’m not MULTITASKING! I got distract easily. Can not write or text and having a conversation at the same time.
    5. I love meeting new people especially foreigners. Don’t know why I got excite to meet them and be their friend, may be I’m just curious.
    6. I got my belly button piercing to reminds me stay in a good shape. I can’t imagine my self in a big tummy and a piercing.
    7. I called my house starship with a bunch of alien that I love, and loves me unconditionally.
    8. I’m a sleep lighter. Easily awake when I’m in a bed with someone and they move their body, make a sound. Vanda (roommate) been always try not to wake me up, but yaaa you know. Haha
    9. I love snack, sweets, food, and dessert. Wherever I go, I’ll have a snack to be eaten. And there should always a soup on my food. I love soup!!!! Its hard to eat dry meals.
    10. I had a catwalk train on 6th years old, and participate in couple of junior catwalk competition.
    11. I like owl very much, so that on my 20th I decided to make a tattoo. People asked me why owl? Because I love owl, beside it has a symbol of status, intelligence and wealth (Roman), wisdom, and intelligence(general). Some of my friends seen it rather as a sticker than a tattoo. LOL
    12. My favorite color are navy blue, turquoise. And peach recently.
    13. I really want to be a good on one music instrument, like piano, or guitar. But I seems to be just a dream. T.T Or should I learn ukulele?? Hmm
    14. I love pop, instrumental, and jazz music. But I rarely listen to the music while doing something, my favorite place to listen to the music is in the car.
    15. I choose a hug or a kiss in my forehead than on the lips.
    16. I prefer dressed comfortably, a nice and fine looks. I also love heels. Shopping only when it needed.
    17. I bought my first make up tools on 10th class. But now I only makeup for special event or when it necessary.
    18. To be honest I’m JUTEK, moody, and selfish. I know it, and I need to workin on that bad attitude.
    19. I get excite visiting new place, tasting new food, capturing good view and picture and upload it to instagram. Thanks to Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger!!
    20. I love cat and dog, a hairy pet that I can cuddle.

  • Couldn’t be more agree #goodnight #quote

  • This small green part beside a crowd city is a gift to the future. #greens #vscocam (at Taman Wisata Alam Angke Kapuk - Hutan Mangrove)

  • Japanese cake taste so yummy ♥♡ #japanesecake #dessert #sweets #cake #pik (at Mainichi Cafe)

  • Too much laugh #xoxo (at Taman Wisata Alam Angke Kapuk ( Wisata Alam Mangrove ))

  • #greens #mangroove #weekend #gateaway

  • Into the greens #greens #weekend #gateaway

  • Longtime no selfie saturday afternoon #selfie #saturdate